TE 250i 2023



50 215 PLN

A revolution in 2-stroke technology, the TE 250i takes the simple, low maintenance 2-stroke and makes it even simpler. With the addition of electronic fuel injection, fueling is self adjusted meaning the need for jetting changes at different altitudes and temperatures is eliminated ensuring a perfectly controlled power delivery every time. Additionally, 2-stroke oil is pumped independently at regulated ratios eliminating the need to pre-mix fuel and oil meaning less preperation time and more time on the trail.


The TE 250i features a pioneering electronic fuel injection system. This comprises of a set of fuel injectors positioned at the transfer ports which deliver the ideal amount of fuel to the engine in every condition. This not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also delivers a clean & smoother power delivery giving the loved 2-stroke a new edge.


The cylinder design includes two inlet positions located on the transfer ports at the rear of the cylinder where a pair fuel injectors are mounted. The injectors deliver fuel downwards into the transfer port guaranteeing excellent atomisation with the air travelling upward to the combustion chamber. This ensures efficient combustion resulting in low fuel consumption and emissions.
The TE 250i features an electronic oil pump which feeds vital 2-stroke oil into the engine . The pump is located just below the oil tank and feeds the oil via the throttle body meaning the oil is not mixed with the fuel eliminating the need for pre-mixing as on traditional 2-stroke engines. The pump is controlled by the EMS and delivers the optimal amount of oil according to the current RPM and engine load reducing waste as well as excessive smoke being transmitted from the exhaust. The oil tank is located beneath the fuel tank and is connected to a filler hose which runs through the upper tube of the frame to a filler cap conveniently located for easy refills. The tank capacity is 0.7 l and is connected to a low level sensor which illuminates notifying the rider when the tank needs refilling..


The TE 250i uses a 39 mm throttle body which regulates the amount of air entering the engine via a butterfly operated by dual throttle cables connected to a new handlebar throttle assembly. Unlike 4-stroke throttle bodies, fuel is not introduced at this point but rather 2-stroke oil is mixed with the air entering the engine to lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder & piston.Additionally, a throttle position sensor (TPS) relays airflow data to the ECU which in turn calculates the amount of oil and fuel delivered to the engine while a bypass screw regulates the idling speed and a cold start device opens a bypass providing more air for cold starts.

Specyfikacja techniczna

  • Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 2-suwowy
  • Pojemność skokowa:249 cm³
  • Średnica:66.4 mm
  • Stroke: 72 mm
  • Rozrusznik: Kick and electric starter
  • Skrzynia biegów: 6-biegowa
  • Sprzęgło wielotarczowe mokre DDS, układ hydrauliczny Magura
  • EMSSynerject
  • CO2 emissions67


  • Rama z centralną rurą ze stali 25CrMo4
  • Tylne zawieszenie: Amortyzator WP z dźwigniami i łącznikami
  • Skok zawieszenia (przód)300 mm
  • Skok zawieszenia (tył)330 mm
  • Przedni hamulec: Hamulec tarczowy
  • Rear brake: Hamulec tarczowy
  • Średnica przedniej tarczy hamulcowej260 mm
  • Średnica tylnej tarczy hamulcowej220 mm
  • Łańcuch: X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4″
  • Steering head angle63.5 °
  • Prześwit 370 mm
  • Wysokość siedzenia 960 mm
  • Tank capacity (approx.)9.25 l
  • Weight without fuel105.2 kg

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