TE 150i 2020



38 499 PLN

TE 150i 2020  został podniesiony na zupełnie nowy poziom. Innowacyjna technologia wtrysku paliwa firmy Husqvarna trafia do najlżejszego modelu w ofercie, czego wynikiem jest połączenie wyrafinowanej mocy i lekkiej zwinności, których po prostu nie można zignorować. Płynne dostarczanie mocy, z podwoziem najnowszej generacji i zaawansowanym zawieszeniem WP, zapewnia doskonałą mieszankę wydajności enduro. W połączeniu z rozruchem elektrycznym, nowy TE 150i jest najprostszym sposobem na opanowanie nowych szlaków..


The TE 150i has inherited the same fuel-injected technology from the bigger TE 250i and 300i. This adds the convenience of a 4-stroke engine by eliminating the need to premix fuel or adjust jetting for altitude. The engine also uses specific shaft arrangements, which are designed to harness the rotating mass of the engine for nimble handling. This, among other developments, makes it a lightweight and compact engine providing usable enduro-specific power while maintaining the low-cost maintenance of a 2-stroke


The TE 150i features a cylinder with a 58 mm bore and an innovative power valve design. This allows the lively 150 cc engine to deliver controllable power throughout the RPM range. The piston is designed to perfectly match the contour of the combustion chamber, delivering the highest level of 2-stroke performance. Additionally, the cylinder features injectors mounted at the inlet positions, which deliver the fuel downwards into the transfer port, guaranteeing excellent fuel atomisation. This ensures more efficient fuel combustion, reduced fuel consumption and improved emissions.


Designed for minimal weight, the crankcases on the TE 150i engine feature a thin-wall design. To centralise mass, the shaft arrangements are precisely positioned to harness rotating masses at the ideal centre of gravity, while improved sealing is taken care of by the reed block which features optimised carbon fibre reed petals.
Tailored specifically for each model using an innovative 3D design process, the header pipe on the TE 150i offers further improvements in geometry and performance. This allows for improved ground clearance, making the header pipe resistant to impact out on the trail. The muffler also features a new aluminium mounting bracket, new internals and less dense packing material for improved noise damping and weight saving.


The new chrome-moly steel frame is expertly crafted using laser-cut, robot-welded, hydro-formed tubes, ensuring the highest level of precision and quality. While retaining the advanced geometry of its predecessor, it features an increase in longitudinal and torsional rigidity, for improved rider feedback, better energy absorption and increased stability. The cylinder head mountings are made of forged aluminium, further improving handling and comfort. The premium blue powder coated frame features standard frame protectors, providing extra durability.


The radiators are expertly crafted using high-strength aluminium with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to channel air through the radiators more efficiently. The cooling system is intelligently integrated into the frame, eliminating the need for additional hoses. New for 2020 is a 4 mm larger centre tube running through the frame. This reduces pressure at this point, allowing for a more consistent coolant flow. Additionally, the new radiators are mounted 12 mm lower, closer to the centre of gravity for improved handling agility. An optional radiator fan can be fitted and is available in the Husqvarna accessories catalogue.


The carbon composite subframe is unique to Husqvarna Motorcycles and showcases pioneering technology and innovation. Using 70% polyamide and 30% carbon fibre, the new 2-piece subframe saves 250 g for a total weight of just over 1 kg. Light, robust and now 50 mm longer, the new subframe delivers improved rigidity, handling and rider comfort.
An electronic oil pump feeds vital 2-stroke oil into the engine. It is located just below the oil tank and feeds the oil via the throttle body, meaning the oil is only mixed with air at this stage. The pump is controlled by the EMS and delivers the optimal amount of oil according to the current RPM and engine load. The oil tank is connected to a filler hose which runs through the upper tube of the frame to a filler cap conveniently located for easy refills. The tank capacity is 0.7 l and is connected to a low-level sensor which illuminates when the tank needs refilling.

Specyfikacja techniczna


  • Pojemność skokowa 143.99 cm³
  • Design Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 2-suwowy
  • Średnica 58 mm
  • Suw 54.5 mm
  • Rozrusznik Rozrusznik elektryczny
  • Skrzynia biegów 6-biegowa
  • Sprzęgło wielotarczowe mokre DDS, układ hydrauliczny Magura
  • EMS Continental EMS


  • Konstrukcja ramy Podwójna kratownicowa z centralną poprzeczką, wykonana ze stali 25CrMo4
  • Tylne zawieszenie Amortyzator WP z dźwigniami i łącznikami
  • Skok zawieszenia (przód) 300 mm
  • Skok zawieszenia (tył) 300 mm
  • Przedni hamulec Hamulec tarczowy
  • Tylny hamulec Hamulec tarczowy
  • Średnica przedniej tarczy hamulcowej 260 mm
  • Średnica tylnej tarczy hamulcowej 220 mm
  • Łańcuch Pierścień X 5/8 x 1/4″
  • Kąt główki ramy 63.5 °
  • Prześwit 360 mm
  • Wysokość siedzenia 950 mm
  • Pojemność zbiornika (ok.) 8.5 l
  • Waga bez paliwa 99.6 kg

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